Therapeutic Respite Services (TRS)is an adjunct program designed to benefit both children and caregivers. Respite is an opportunity for the child to receive treatment in a fun, rewarding environment and it provides a good opportunity for parents/caregivers to take a break from the demands of parenting a child with emotional or behavioral challenges.  Caregivers can also use this opportunity to spend time with other children in the family if applicable;  rest, visit with a friend, run errands, or get some chores done around the home. 

To promote full therapeutic benefits, group size is small- only 2-3 children within the same age range.  Current openings are for ages 3 through 8 and will be offered at least once monthly, depending upon the # of enrolled children. Sessions are 2.5 hours in length and days/times are TBD.* 

  Children will participate in a group therapy session that focuses on various therapeutic topics, including character and social skills development.  Your child will also receive individual therapy and have the opportunity to participate in recreational activities.

Eligibility requirements and the process of enrollment: 

  • Your child has been assessed during the intake process and has been diagnosed with a mental health condition.  Some diagnoses include but are not limited to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, and Oppositional Defiant Disorder.**
  • During the intake a treatment plan is discussed and developed to include individual, group, and family sessions.
  • Your child participates in individual sessions as recommended during the intake process.  
  • The caregivers engage in family sessions-either with or without the child present-to review therapeutic goals and progress (this service is provided outside of TRS sessions).  Caregivers agree to works towards implementing treatment recommendations between sessions, as discussed during the intake, such as behavior modification plans.
  • Your child is not currently enrolled in another public or private program that provides individual, familial, or group therapies.  If your child has recently been enrolled with another counseling provider then documentation of the child's withdrawal from services will need to be provided prior to enrollment. 

*Enrollment in the program is limited and interested parents or caregivers can place their child on a waiting list for upcoming openings if necessary.  TRS is not the same as standard child care services and therefore the child's eligibility for services will be reviewed every 60 days. 

**Please note that this is not an IDD program, or a program designed for clients who are intellectually or developmentally delayed.  Not all children who exhibit behavioral problems are appropriate for a group setting.  If your child is exhibiting severe aggression that would compromise the well being and safety of other children then more intensive options can be discussed until your child is more prepared for this type of setting. 


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