One of my greater passions is to assist others in developing and implementing goals that lead towards an improved quality of life.  For Christians, this means allowing the integration of objectives which address one's spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical well-being.  Most often overlooked is how to improve our quality of life by learning how to better care for our health through diet and fitness.  It is my belief that God is concerned about how we treat our temples and although He has made provision for our healing, it is fatalistic and unbiblical to not allow some responsibility on our part in regards to prevention.  As with anything, unbalance and extremes can occur when we focus solely in one area or areas at the expense of neglecting others.

According to the CDC, Mississippi ranks second in the nation for adult obesity and third for childhood obesity.*  Based on other published research studies, Mississippi was awarded the prize for the highest rate of cardiovascular deaths in 2017 and third in the nation for Type II diabetes.** Although genetics can play a role in the development of these conditions, it is possible for them to become more manageable (and yes even overcome) through lifestyle modifications.

I have taken a personal interest in improving my own lifestyle habits for over ten years and I began to recognize the benefits of developing healthier eating habits by being more mindful of the quality my food choices.  Over the last two to three years I have had to make more drastic changes by adopting a low carbohydrate diet due to the onset of pre-diabetes, a genetic predisposition in my case.  It has been a rewarding yet challenging journey (with some trial and error along the way) and I am continuing to learn and grow in this area.

 If you are seeking to improve your dietary habits then I can assist you in learning how to shop for and prepare healthier alternatives.  I am not a Registered Dietician so I cannot prescribe or treat any illness or disease with a dietary plan.  However if you are generally healthy and are seeking to make better choices for lifestyle improvement or weight management then lifestyle coaching is a good option for you.  

One reason diet plans often fail (or are only temporarily successful) is because strict diets that severely limit food intake or calories are not sustainable.  It is not deprivation that leads to continued commitment but the enjoyment of the process, as a person reaps the benefits of improved health or weight control.  Listening to your body and customizing your eating and fitness goals and habits to fit your own needs will lead to a more fruitful outcome.  

Another reason is that there are oftentimes psychological, spiritual, and/or behavioral barriers that need to be addressed, which simple dietary plans do not take into account.  My goal is to help you to identify and overcome these barriers which will foster greater commitment and lead to longer term success.

If you are interested in adapting to a low or reduced carbohydrate diet for overall weight control and other general benefits then I can assist with this; however, if you are clinically obese or are diagnosed with Type I or Type II diabetes or any other diet-related ailment that requires you to be on medication or be medically supervised then you will need to consult with a Registered Dietician who is open to this approach.

Please note that lifestyle and wellness counseling is not covered by health insurance but a discounted rate is offered for this service.

* The State of Obesity, website, 2016 data. **The United Health Foundation 28th Ranking Annual Report;  The State of Obesity, website, 2016 data. 

NOTE:  Lifestyle and Wellness coaching is a non-medical service.  There will not be any weigh-ins or other measurements offered at the facility, nor is there a specific or set dietary plan prescribed to clients which tracks total caloric intake.