But Jesus call the children to Him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these." Luke 18;16, NIV

HUGS (Helping Underprivileged Girls & Boys While Sharing the Good News) is an adjunct program designed to provide children considered "at risk" due to familial, environmental, economic, or social factors, with opportunities for social and spiritual enrichment.* Some research studies indicate that children who attend religious services or are involved in positive social environments exhibit behavior problems less frequently. Even though these factors do not provide or guarantee immunity from these challenges, being involved in a faith-based community can offer additional supports for children and families who are facing difficulties. The optional group program is designed for enrolled/eligible children who currently receive individual and family therapy services. A child enrolled in HUGS will be able to engage in group therapy sessions that are intended to promote positive social interactions.

Since reward purchases can become financially taxing for parents or caregivers, supplemental rewards consisting of age-appropriate toys will be provided for children during group and family sessions (based on school, home, and group behaviors). Children will also have the opportunity to be rewarded with personal care and non-sugary food items for their participation in the group sessions.

Each child will have the opportunity to enroll in The Mailbox Club, which supplies free Bible Study lessons to children ages 4 & up through the mail. HUGS can provide delivery assistance for the grading of lessons for enrolled children. Children will be be eligible to receive a small reward for each completed study lesson.**

*Enrollment in the program is subject to availability and interested parents or caregivers can place their child on a waiting list for upcoming openings.

**This additional service is provided at no cost and is not reimbursable by health insurance.